4 reasons that your community needs professional HOA management

Phoenix HOA Management

Let’s agree on one fact – Planned communities managed by HOAs in Phoenix offer a better quality of living for residents. There are hundreds of such communities in Arizona, and while some are managed by the board, which comprises of residents, others are professionally handled by phoenix hoa management companies. If your HOA is still being managed without external support, you may want to consider the option of hiring expertise. In this post, we are sharing key signs that point out the need for better management. 

  1. You are dealing with hidden charges. Members of the homeowner’s association are expected to pay a fee, which is clearly stated and follows a specific structure. If you are being pressed to pay higher fees but with no clarity on the hike, it is probably a sign that the HOA is not being managed as expected. If your HOA already has an agency taking care of the finances, it could be a probable indication of mismanagement. 
  2. You are facing communication issues. Do you frequently have difficulty contacting the HOA members or the management company expected to respond to your calls and emails? Poor communication is not acceptable, and in the long run, it could impact the community in adverse ways, making room for conflict. 
  3. There are serious complaints. Is your HOA getting frequent complaints from tenants, vendors, and local contractors? Are you facing issues that are never resolved in time? Either the board is not taking the job seriously, or the current HOA management company has been evading their work. Either way, you need to reconsider the management team in charge. 
  4. There are serious upkeep and maintenance concerns. The HOA is responsible for the upkeep of the gardens, yards, and common areas. The shared amenities should be in perfect condition for the residents to use, and if that’s not happening, you have the right to demand answers as a homeowner. The eventual goal is to have a well-maintained community. 

Not all HOA management companies are the same, and therefore, the board needs to consider all aspects before they either change the existing firm or look for expertise. The HOA management company should have shared goals with your HOA, and they should be able to offer services in a planned, customized, and professional manner. There is no harm in evaluating the profile of various local companies in Phoenix, and if you are a board member, you can also propose specific questions. 

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