When Should You Replace Your Concrete Driveway?

When Should You Replace Your Concrete Driveway?

Due to frequent changes in temperature and adverse atmospheric conditions, our driveway suffers a lot. When your driveway is damaged, then you should replace it with the new one. Various signs indicate immediate concrete driveway replacement.

Repairing your concrete driveway should be your first step towards the driveway maintenance. But, if the condition of your concrete starts going worse, then the replacement of the entire driveway is the only option. By replacing your driveway, you can restore the condition and appearance of your driveway.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various signs that indicated you should replace your concrete driveway:

  1. Missing Chunks

Observe your driveway and if you find missing chunks, then it shows that your driveway is going to expire soon. The missing chunks will expose the inner material of your driveway.

The driveway edges will start crumbling if you continue to use this driveway. The patches will not last long. If the missing chunks are huge, then you should consider replacing your entire driveway.

  1. Sunken Regions

The condition of the concrete driveway is based on its base foundation. If the base foundation starts shrinking or shifting, then you will observe the sunken area on your concrete driveway surface.

If this condition occurs on your driveway, then you should remove the top layer of the driveway and fix the base foundation to prevent this situation again in the future. You should make the base foundation with a mixture of crushed stone and sand.

  1. Lots Of Repairs

If your driveway is demanding lots of repairs, then it is a good idea to replace it with the new concrete driveway. You should stop wasting money on repairing your old driveway again and again.

The continuous repairing process is not just a waste of money but it also degrades the appearance of your driveway. You can skip the problem by a one-time replacement. Once you replace the entire driveway, then you do not have to worry about its maintenance and aesthetics.

  1. Enormous Cracks

The most significant way to find out your driveway needs to be replaced – enormous cracks of the concrete driveway. The winter season can wreak havoc in your driveway and can transform small cracks into the bigger one.

The driveway cracks also get worse when harsh chemicals like oil, gas, de-icing agents move inside them. Also, in winter season water penetrated through these cracks, free inside them and expert pressure on the outer layer.

This leads to the transformation of small cracks into a bigger one. Therefore, if you observe various cracks on your concrete driveway after the winter season, then you should call a professional to replace your concrete driveway.

  1. Uneven Driveway

If you observe uneven surfaces whether horizontally or vertically, then there is a serious issue underlying. Therefore, you have to give special attention towards your driveway.

When your driveway does not remain smooth as it was originally, then you should call a paving contractor at least once to inspect your driveway.

The uneven concrete usually results in bad weather conditions or bad formation of the base foundation. If you ignore this, then it will continue to break and lead to the crumbled driveway. The uneven driveway can also lead to major road accidents.

  1. Stagnant Water

If you observe that water is accumulated over the driveway, then it means there is a problem in the drainage system of your driveway. If this problem is not solved immediately, then pooled water can start degrading the quality of your driveway.

In various cases, the concrete driveways are usually sealed with a waterproofing material. This layer enhances the life of your driveway. Over time, this layer removed due to extensive wear and tear.

Therefore, if you notice stagnant water on your driveway, you should immediately call a professional like concrete driveway Sydney contractors for your help. He will seal your driveway again with a waterproofing layer.

  1. Age Appearance

There is a certain age for your driveway. The concrete driveway usually lasts for 15 to 20 years. If your driveway looks old and worn out, then it indicates that you have to replace your driveway with the new one. No matter how strong is your driveway, after some time it will start degrading.

The oxidized layer over the driveway also weakens its structure and leads to its repair and replacement. If you want to have a structurally sound and visually appealing driveway, then you should replace your concrete driveway after a certain time

Final Words:

The concrete driveway has a certain age limit and after that time, it needs to be replaced with a new one. Sometimes, due to excessive wear and tear, bad weather condition and improper pavement lead to crumbling of the driveway that leads to its replacement before its maximum lifespan.

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