Versatile Tools you should use while Renovating your Home

Versatile Tools you should use while Renovating your Home

Taking up a renovation project can be both exciting as well as cumbersome. All you need to turn the procedure into a smooth and successful renovating job is the help of some versatile like diamond drills, oscillating tools, Japanese cat’s paw etc. Most if the DIY home renovation projects need you to undertake major handyman work like readjusting plumbing and piping throughout the house or remodelling the HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. There are certain tools that become an irreplaceable part of a homeowner’s toolbox and if you are someone who is fond of taking up small renovation projects around the house to keep you occupied in your free time, the tools listed below should be added in your shopping carts as soon as possible.

Go beyond the basic toolbox and grab tools like diamond core drills and speed squares

The tools listed below go beyond the range of tools that you keep in your regular toolbox. They span from cheap to not-so-cheap but are guaranteed to be the crowned jewels of your garage or backyard and difficult to find casually in any neighbourhood. So plan and prepare accordingly for your upcoming renovations and remodelling as they might not be as easy as shown on TV.

Multifaceted Speed squares

This tool has various uses. It is generally used as a guide for your saw, bevel or a power saw. It helps to cut any material with precision and can also be used as a protractor for measuring angles. Its a major advantage is that it is pretty compact and cheap and improves the quality of your finishing by several folds.

Diamond drills

A diamond drilling is usually used to make holes in concrete as diamond is the strongest drill bit available in the market. They are hollow which allows you to draw a sample of the concrete. These drills appear to be extremely versatile as they can be used by an operator or a layman and can cut through materials other than concrete-like glass and stone. They can easily be accessed and rented for a few hours to complete your DIY renovation project fruitfully.

Japanese cat’s paw

As weird as the name sounds it would be completely absurd to pursue a home renovation without this tool. The resourcefulness of this tool is tremendous as it can replace a curved claw hammer, straight claw hammer and an electric nail gun. This frees up a lot of space in your toolbox and increases your efficiency as well. It is extremely handy as it has a cat’s paw at one end that can be used for nail pulling and hammering and a wafer-thin pry at the other end that is utilised for pulling apart wooden cabinets.

Cordless oscillating tool

This tool deserves a special place on this list as it is the tool of every homeowner’s dreams. It helps to work in the hard to reach places and carry out tasks like sanding, cutting through pipes and wood with the help of different attachments that come along with it. It works on small and fast vibrations and can be used to scrape paint off your car bumper, trim wall, etc.

Use these tools for your next renovation project to obtain better outcomes

These tools have been shortlisted after vigorous research and are assured to make your next fix around the house easy as cake. It is pretty easy to use these tools and it will only take a few video tutorials for you to learn the proper techniques to utilise them and how they can serve as an aid for a wide range of purposes. The pieces of equipment like diamond core drills, quick squares and saws are the keys to get the renovations done in an orderly fashion.

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