Tips for Bathroom Renovations in Penrith and Lane Cove

Tips for Bathroom Renovations in Penrith and Lane Cove

These days’ bathroom renovations are made in such a way that it gives it a classy feeling and makes it look luxurious. Even if it is a very small bathroom, it can be made to look luxurious.

Tips for bathroom renovations

● Adding a walk-in shower:

If you have a leaking old tub, it will be a great problem, as it will make the entire bathroom filled with water. The shower is a more practical option and a big soaking tub is also a good option to consider as part of bathroom renovations in Penrith. By adding a walk-in shower you can make it look quite luxurious instead of a tub space.

● Not using real marble but Faux ones:

Bathroom Renovations in Penrith are often done with faux marbles. Mainly porcelain tiles are used instead of marbles in Penrith. It looks very much real and is very large in size. You don’t even need to buy the real ones. Even cleaning the porcelain tiles are a lot easier.

● Adding a wall niche and a bench:

It’s always better to have a wall niche where you can keep all your necessary items. If you have given some forethought about the renovating designs of your bathroom, you should definitely have a bench on one side of your bathroom, which is very necessary to scrub or shave your legs. It is a helpful decision and a necessary one to include as part of bathroom renovations in Lane Cove.

● A Glass wall with a door can be added:

When performing bathroom renovations in Lane Cove are done, customs can be made while adding a glass wall. It is mainly on the bench of the shower. It is good for customization.

The tile should go along the sink and behind the toilet: This is a custom feature that you should definitely have with your contractor from beforehand. The tile is usually laid in the pattern of blocked or stacked. It is mainly from behind the toilet which gives it a more luxurious look. It gives something behind the vanity. If you are not sure, you check with your contractor who is experienced in bathroom renovations in Lane Cove.

● Mix two different tiles on the floor:

While doing bathroom renovations in Penrith, add more texture to the tiles in your bathroom. The design looks good and it also feels good in your feet.

● Tile as a baseboard:

It is always better to use the same tile on the floor instead of that of the wood or wooden flooring. It should be in cohesion with the entire bathroom. It should have a Schluter edge to give it a very luxurious design and feel. It is a great option for a wet area.

● Hang the towels in the hooks:

Another common bathroom renovation in Lane Cove is adding some fancy hooks look really good instead of the cliché towel bar. Multiple towels can be hung in them and it even adds a great look to the design.

● Adding a medicine cabinet:

A proper medicine cabinet is helpful even in your old bathroom design and nowadays the trend in bathroom renovations in Lane Cove is adding a luxurious touch to it. The new ones will help you to elevate the space, without compromising on the design. You can cut open the drywall and fit it inside too which will make it look really convenient. It is a tiny vanity and very necessary too.

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