Steps to take when the heat goes out

Steps to take when the heat goes out

It is exciting to have a warm day during the cold weather. Trouble arises when all the heat generated by your furnace from the room goes out. In such cases, you can get in touch with Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning.

What to do if your heat goes out?

Here are some important steps to concern during a heat outage:

  1. You need to check the thermostat first. Similar to the power switches, these can be reset. If the heat goes out, then it means that the thermostat has switched to its default setting. Take a look at the thermostat and ensure that it is set to heat and not cool. Also, the switch of the fan should be turned on if it is not. Hence, checking the switch must be the foremost step.
  2. The parts of gas and oil furnace need a lot of power to run. Whenever you find a popped breaker from the circuit breaker panel, you need to switch the breaker on. The heating system has a circuit breaker that might have stopped working, and it needs to be reorganized. There can be certain causes for the popping of the circuit breakers. The heating system can be damaged if you keep on resetting. You must give a call to the ideal services of heating and air in Atlanta.
  3. The most excellent way of assuring if the gas is out is by turning one more gas-fuelled appliance on your household, like a stove. If both the stove and the furnace are not working, look at your gas valve to ensure that it is turned on. The handle would be parallel to the tube if it is in on position. It will be upright if it’s off. If the gas valve is on and your furnace does not get on yet, you might require calling your gas company.
  4. There are events when you see that the air filters are clogged due to extreme dirt. At that point, it is crucial to prefer an expert for the repair or replacement of the old air filters. In the worst condition, look for a new furnace for the house. Numerous safety features are attached to the new heating system. All these features will shut down everything at the time of too much warmth and pressure.


 We discussed a lot of things linked to what to do if your heating system is not working. Grab other details too by exploring more about what to do when your furnace goes out.

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