Room Heaters are on the most useful lifestyle appliances, especially during winters as they help us in staying warm and cosy. These type of machines may work smoothly throughout the winter season, but sometimes they show some problems if not maintained correctly or if they are kept idle without any use since a long time. And because of that One of the common question which arises is heater not blowing hot air which can be due to some reasons listed below. If you live near the Chicagoland area for any heating or air-conditioning services in Chicagoland, you can visit website.

  • Check the Thermostat Setting Of your Heater

The first thing you should do look for the problem in your heater is by looking at the thermostat setting, whether it’s fan setting is on or off. If you are feeling cold air from the fan, then it is because it is always running. You can fix this by flipping the fan switch to AUTO setting.

  • Overheating of the Furnace

If you are wondering why is my heater not blowing hot air, then It could also be due to the overheating of the furnace. It can be fixed either by replacing the furnace or by cleaning the dirty filter of the furnace. It is crucial to notice that constant overheating can damage the heat exchanger.

  •  pilot light is Out

If the heater’s pilot light is out, relight the pilot light, the instructions to do so are usually mentioned on the furnace itself, or you can read the user manual or surf the internet. After that, clean the pilot light and replace the thermocouple. If you are not aware of how to do it yourself, you can contact the heater technician, to avoid any unexpected incident or happening.

Not Enough Gas in the Heater

Sometimes, this is the most common issue for your heater not blowing hot air, the gas supply to the furnace could have been cut off. Thus, it will not provide enough gas to the heater to supply you with the warm air.

Other factors could include a dirty flame sensor, broken heater coil, dirty air filter, blown resistor, not enough gas, clogged drain lines, damaged ducts or due to the wrong sized furnace for further heating and air-conditioning services in Chicagoland or near the area.

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