Modern-chic Living Room Ideas

Modern-chic Living Room Ideas

Designing modern spaces is more involved, unlike how it was before. Traditionally, there were the typical objects that you would have in your living room like a table, wall unit, and sofas, not forgetting the old rugged carpet. Well, things have now changed as more and more information about the organization and order of living spaces are coming to light. So what are some of the ways you can uplift your living room to fit a modern home?

Below is how.

Incorporate textiles into your decor

By textiles, we mean rugs, shawls and couch blankets that have a subtle similarity but a huge difference in texture, pattern and even material. For example, have a box-shaped carpet, floral printed throw pillows and lined curtains with mint hints. This combination as an idea might seem to clash, but once you throw it all in together, you might just have a masterpiece.

Use wallpaper

Today, people are moving further into convenient ways to spruce up their homes. And right up this alley is the use of wallpaper. The plethora available opens doors to millions and millions of designs that could match your personality. Wallpaper has not become the hotcake of interior design, and the beauty of it is that you can do it yourself.

Use artwork

You can go with sculptures, framed portrait photos or painted piece to give your walls some character. It could be anything from landscapes, self-portraits, fine art or even upcycled wall decorations. You could also choose to have encouraging words printed and framed. These have become so popular, and so if you want to modernize your living room, go right ahead.

Go bolder

Go big or go home!

This simply means that you could try something that you have never done before. Perhaps use a bright yellow wallpaper on one of your living room walls or go for a full glass table. Something that makes a statement is memorable and gives your living room the attention and glam it deserves. After all, it is the ‘living’ room.

Incorporate plants into your decor

Plants are yet another idea that could make your living room look spectacular. You could add a cactus plant or a dwarf palm tree right in between the sofas and daybeds. The grandiose leaves of the palm will make that bare space feel alive, and it will look splendid. You may go ahead and add more plants around the room. With that you do uplift not only the aesthetics but also the air. Plants help purify air.

Have a representative of all the five elements

Fire, water, metal, earth and wood may be incorporated to modernize your space. For fire, you may add a candle or lamps around the room. To represent water, a landscape painting of the sea or a blue wallpaper might do. Mirrors are also part of water. You could put coins in a bowl for metal decor and place it on top of your wooden table, which reps wood. Lastly, for the earth, using shades of brown on textiles could help with that.


Making your living room modern is not as hard as you thought right? In just the simple steps above, you have yourself a modernized home.

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