Heavy equipment safety measures

Heavy equipment safety measures

In almost all construction sites and projects, heavy equipment and machinery are required to perform a certain task for the project to be complete. This applies in either new constructing buildings or the maintenance of the odd building or road construction. Even if heavy machines help to make the work done in less time, it can be dangerous if not used properly. Due to that, it is good to be safe as much as possible when operating heavy equipment and have a plan also for the team you are working together for them to be safe as well.

The surrounding area.

The operators of the heavy machines need to be mindful of the surrounding area they are working. When operating heavy equipment, there are many dangers which you may come across. Some of the obstacles you may encounter are powerlines, passing workers, and even traffic if it is within the residential area. All this can make the operations of the heavy machine difficult and even cause injuries if not taken into consideration. It is advisable before you start using your heavy machine to ensure all the electric lines within the work environment are de-energized to avoid any injuries to the surrounding people and even to the machine operator. When you are digging, you should ensure all underground piping like water pipes, and gas pipes are turned off and probably marked well. Make sure you mark all the danger zones within the working area and where the heavy machine will be operating. If possible, alert all the people around and workers to be far away from the operating machine when at work.

Equipment inspection before use.

Professional equipment users inspect its machine regularly before starting operating. At site van adrighem you will find users of the heavy equipment who ensure thorough inspection before starting their operation. The inspections ensure the machine is in good condition when operating. Some of the inspection you need to check is for fuel levels such as engine oil, and hydraulic oil, hydraulic hoses, buckets, booms, and any other component which might have cracks or damaged. Make sure all alerts are working well such as lights, gauges, horns, and backup alarms. Always avoid using the heavy machine which is not working properly to avoid accidents.

Ensure you have personal protective equipment.

When operating a heavy machine, it is very important to make sure that you have all your protective equipment like goggles, hard hats, gloves, high visibility clothing, and even boots. Each personal protective equipment has its importance, do not ignore or leave any.

Use your seatbelt.

Some of the heavy machine drivers tend to ignore the seatbelt because they think they are not driving down the highway. However, as a driver, you need to ask yourself why the manufacture decided to put it in the first place. You may never know if the seatbelt can save your life. In case the equipment starts to tip or roll over, the seatbelt will keep you alive because it will prevent you from jumping out of the cab which is the worst thing you could do.

All the safety measure set are very important to follow for our benefits as we operate the heavy equipment machines.

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