Eliminating Bed Bugs: Get The Facts Right

Bed bugs

It’s frustrating to know that you have a bed bug situation at home. These insects are great at hitchhiking and can easily move to new places. If fact, people are often surprised to find bed bugs in hotels, airplanes, and buses. These pests are hard to get rid of. Squishing a bed bug may not kill it. In this post, we are sharing some key facts that may come in handy. 

You can only find bed bugs at night and around the bed

That’s a myth. Although not very common, you may find bed bugs during the day, especially if the infestation has progressed. Also, people assume that bed bugs only live in the bed because of the name, but that’s not true. These insects need to find hiding spots, which could be any furniture product, clothing, or even luggage. Contrary to what many think, bed bugs are not known to spread diseases. 

Bed bugs don’t fly

That’s true. These insects can move around very quickly but cannot fly. Bed bugs don’t jump either. It is also wrong that these pests can survive without food for a year. Bed bugs need a host to survive and can go for long without eating, but it wouldn’t be a year. It is, however, possible for bed bugs to go up to three months without feeding. 

Bed bugs don’t carry diseases

That’s a fact. These insects don’t carry pathogens or diseases, but the research is ongoing. However, a case of bed bugs can give you sleepless nights and itchiness. 

Alcohol is a good remedy

Alcohol may help kill these pests technically but it isn’t the most effective way to get rid of the infestation. You have to focus on permanent remedies, which should ideally involve professional pest control. The pest control service may use techniques like fumigation, EPA-approved chemicals, heat treatments, and cryogenic freezing, and multiple treatments could be necessary.

Pest control is not expensive

When it comes to eliminating bed bugs, pest control doesn’t have to be expensive. However, it depends on whether the infestation is at an early stage. You can choose a local company and ask for an estimate in advance. You should also ask for a warranty on the job. 

If you are dealing with bed bugs, seeking help without delaying the decision to hire pest control is important. Get an inspection done and ask for a detailed quote.

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