A plumbing snake is better than hydro jetting?

A plumbing snake is better than hydro jetting?

Whenever you encounter the dreadful clogs in your sinks and toilets the first line of defense against the demon is using a plunger. More often than not, the plunger does the trick but sometimes the problem might be quite severe and you might need the help of some other tools as well. The most prevalent options for the next step are a plumbing snake or a hydro jet. There has been an age-old debate regarding which method should be implemented to solve the issue. Both snaking and hydro jetting implement different techniques and present various pros and cons.

What is the difference between snaking a clogged drain and hydro jetting?

The most essential difference between the two methods is the underlying principle on which they work. A plumbing snake also called a plumbing auger, is a metallic cable that is flexible and has a cork-screw coil on one end. Whereas a hydro jet is essentially a water jet that’s capable of releasing water at very high speed and a faucet that can project the water in all directions. Snaking a clogged sink uses mechanical force to clear the junk that is blocked and hydro jets through high-pressure water flow up to 4000 PSI. Both are effective in removing the obstructions in the drain.

A plumbing snake is much easier for layman’s use

There is no doubt in the fact that using a plumbing snake can be right up anyone’s alley whereas operating and successfully managing a hydro jet is very complicated. It is essential to hire a professional plumber if you wish to get your sinks and toilets unclogged with a hydro jet. Snaking a sink just requires you to buy a good quality snake available at any hardware store and use it as and when needed. Operating a hydro jet will require the plumber to examine the pipe with a camera and identify other important aspects before turning it on.

Snaking a clogged pipe appears to be cost-effective

Believe it or not, clogged drains happen to all of us sooner or later, and hence, it is imperative to find cost-effective plumbing solutions. Note that, a plumbing snake or auger is not very costly to purchase but getting your drains and pipes cleaned through hydro jetting can burn a deep hole in your pocket. Snaking is a reliable method for homeowners especially for pipes that might be too weak to withstand the water pressure. You also save some cash on the account that you don’t have to hire a professional plumber to work with a plumbing snake.

Snaking does not cause any damage to your pipes

One of the major disadvantages of hydro jetting is that if the plumber fails to perform a thorough inspection of your pipes and starts the task it will cause severe permanent damage to your pipes. This will lead to a great amount of inconvenience as you will have to get your plumbing entirely replaced. Whereas the snaking process does not incur any severe damage if done in an appropriate manner. You can unclog the fragile pipes with the help of a snake or auger without worrying about any kind of attrition. Only and only, the usage of the wrong type or size of plumbing snake can damage your pipes, otherwise not.

Weigh your options wisely before making a decision

If you are facing such a problem of frequently clogged drains and low water pressure choose wisely before you make any decisions regarding your plumbing. Do vigorous research about the options readily available and select the one which appears to be the most economical and efficient. Hydro jets do present the advantage of exhaustive cleaning of the pipes but can appear risky if not performed by a trained professional. Snaking is a tried and tested technique to clear the clogs in your sinks and drains and snakes are comparatively easy to use.

Closing lines – Plumbing Snake vs. Hydro Jetting – who wins the race

We can sum up this theory in a one liner conclusion. If your plunger is not able to move the clog, you need something a little more powerful. And, this powerful solution can be hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is better for more stubborn clogs or deep blockages. And, that is the main reason why it  has become a popular method of clearing drains and sewer lines. On the other hand, as you are aware, a straight plumbing snake is best used for sink drains. In different circumstances, with regards to plumbing and routing, a hydro jet is a more sophisticated plumbing tool to clear off clogs and drains. However, before you straightaway head towards hydro jetting, there is something you need to take care of. Some pipes in the kitchen, sinks, and washrooms aren’t strong enough to handle the force of hydro-jetting. In these cases, the better option is to use a drain snake.

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