5 Simple Steps to Incorporate Rustic-Modern Design in your Home

5 Simple Steps to Incorporate Rustic-Modern Design in your Home

Rustic style is based on early American settlers who in the 19th century left their houses distant from towns. Many of these pioneers did not bring with them furnishings, as room was scarce and furniture heavy. As individuals established and built their dwellings, their buildings were rapidly combined with locally found materials. The rustic design has a beauty of its own but quite different from the classic salons of Europe or the colonial designs in the countries of northeastern Europe.

Rustic Style Definition

Rustiness and natural beauty radiate in the rustic decor. The aim is to create a soothing environment by emphasizing the usage of wood, stone, leaves and other organic components. The rustic enables the individuality of each piece to show out rather than worrying about the precise lines. This design adds more character to the design significantly, relying on the knots in the wood material to the rust on metal.

This style interprets home design in the opposite spectrum of Minimalism and MUJI-inspired designs. While these styles feature more heavily on cleanliness and lack of visual clutter, the “impreciseness” of Rustic design is its defining feature. Like the pioneer settlers of the 19th century, the mesh of details coupled with more country-esque features set it apart from other modern styles of interior design.

This is not a style for brilliant lights, plastic or cold pallets. It is warm and comfortable. This design should feel like the blaze of a fire, from iron accents to hardwood floors. Some easy fixtures include teapots, fabric blankets, upcycled items and furs (either true or fake). In essence, capture the feel of your home being transported back in time. It does not necessarily have to be from one period either, so rustic design can be a good opportunity to showcase your antique or artifact collection.

Features of Rustic Design

Design focuses on comfort and creates an attractive ambience which does not always correspond.

  • Wood components everywhere. Flaws are okay – and the more rustic the building, the better.
  • Accent to other natural materials and think out of the box. Stone, leaves and skins or antlers of animals are all fair game.
  • Simple and functional designs are king.

Color Palette: Principal colours should rely on the surroundings. All of them are excellent forest greens, deep browns, wood grains or tans. White is also straightforward, improving upon the other colours in the room.

  • Include silly reds, blues, black and checkered motifs.
  • Accent with iron, copper, brass, or oil rubbed bronze for metal finishes.
  • For the rustic aesthetic, wood is necessary. Various options are offered with floor beams, wooden furniture, flooring of hardwood or wooden walls paneling.
  • The steps of this design are fireplaces or wood-burning furnaces.
  • Add a range of cozy blankets, throws and pillows.
  • Use twisted carpets, woven textiles or baskets to embrace textures.
  • Art focuses on nature, using branches, stones, antlers or parts of antique iron.

Blending Rustic and Contemporary Design

Rustic interiors and contemporary design may be perfectly mixed. They are quite complementary. All that is contemporary is neutral, which blends well with distinctive or stronger styles including rustic design principles. The blank slate, so to speak, of contemporary design can help elevate the setting of natural tones and textures.

Rustic Versus Farmhouse Design

Farmhouse style and rustic design have certain similar characteristics at a glance. Both emphasize on comfort and simplicity, the outcome differs greatly. Farmhouse is easy but depends on specially crafted pieces to add that rustic flair. Your materials can be robust or unpolished, with perhaps a few refined aspects that make the design more modern.

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