4 Ways to Attract Student Tenants on Social Media – Sean Robbins

Social media has transformed most businesses. From getting higher sales to finding customers, we can do everything using these platforms. Like other industries, social media benefits the real estate domain like no other channel. It becomes essential to rely on social media when you are looking to attract student tenants. Such a group of buyers hover on popular social platforms and tend to trust the businesses that advertise online. 

However, creating a successful social media strategy isn’t a cakewalk. So, Sean Robbins of Portland, OR is here to discuss some social media hacks to attract millennials to your rental estate. You can follow the below ways to excel at orchestrating a blueprint to woo student renters for your property.

  1. Select an Ideal Platform

Social media indeed has a significant impact on a student’s life. However, their presence on different platforms is not uniform. You will observe that Facebook and Twitter have lesser popularity among millennials. In contrast, Instagram and Snapchat are massive hits among the students. Furthermore, statistics reveal that students find Instagram advertisements more reliable than any other platform. So, you can go with Instagram to post an advertisement for your property and find suitable student renters in the blink of an eye.

  1. Utilize All Tools

From Reels to Stories, Instagram has everything to create a buzz about your property among the target audiences. All you need is to utilize all the tools to appear more attractive to students. You can create bullets for all features in your property and post them on the internet for the students to make a quick decision. Furthermore, you can provide your contact details for the buyers to connect with you at any point in time. Also, stories have a better reach than posts and reels. So, you can frequently roll stories about your property to find the perfect renters for your venture.

  1. Create Quality Content

Social media content can make or break your game of finding the perfect student renters. Believe it or not, students and millennials gauge online advertising based on content quality. So, you require investing in creating mind-boggling content to attract numerous students to your rental estate.

  1. Pay Attention to Aesthetics

When it comes to wooing students, aesthetics play a crucial role, says Sean Robbins of Portland. You require clicking classy pictures of your property and creating compelling stories for students to take desirable actions. Also, you can include direct CTAs to gather student tenants for your business.

So, what makes you wait? Follow the above points and get the best student tenants for your property online.

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